Membership Types and Fees
​Members may borrow between 3 and 7 toys on a fortnightly basis, depending on the number of children in the family.

Membership Types:
12 month membership with 3 duties $70
12 months duty free membership $140

12 months group membership $140

We offer a 50% concessionary rate for Health Care Card Holders.
Simply show your card and ID when joining or renewing.

Other Charges:
Overdue toys $1 (per toy per week)
Lost or broken piece $2 (per piece) or $5 if an integral part of the toy.  When pieces are returned the fine is refunded.
Lost or broken toy replacement cost
Lost Bag up to $10 depending on size
Lost or Damaged Box/Container/Lids up to $20 depending on size

Click here for Terms of Borrowing